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Tata Motors launch new range of trucks

Mumbai, May 29 (ANI): Tata Motors, India’s leading manufacturer of both heavy and light automobiles, launched a new line of trucks, named ‘World Truck’ here on Thursday.

The launching of the new series of trucks also marked the company’s objective to bring international standard top quality trucks in the Indian market.

The range, which comprises of multi-axle trucks, tractor-trailers, mixers and special application vehicles, is a bid by Tata Motors to prove itself as a global auto major.

“There will be various offerings coming from this. There will be tractors for taking higher levels of movements across high speed tracks. There will be tippers which will be meeting construction and mining requirements. So, it is an entire range of products which will be coming through this,” said P M Telang, Executive Director, Tata Motors.

The company however has not mentioned the price levels of its latest models and the varied versions.

“It’s about changing the way trucking happens in India and bringing it closer to the sort of levels that you see in more developed countries and rest of the world. So, it is a range of models and when you talk of range of models, there is no one price we can talk about,” said R Ramakrishnan, Head of Marketing, Medium and Heavy Trucks, Tata Motors.

Tata Motors bought the Jaguar and Land Rover brands last year, and is raising funds to close a 1.9 billion dollars residual bridge loan taken for the acquisition. (ANI)

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