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Roamware launches next generation SIM Box Detector T

San Jose, July 9 (ANI/Business Wire India): Roamware Inc, the global leader in mobile roaming solutions and software, today announced the launch of SIM Box DetectorT, a next generation fraud detection solution.

SIM Boxes, or GSM Gateways, were designed originally, for a variety of legal applications but fraudsters quickly hit on their potential to terminate international inbound calls and intercept revenue rightly due to network operators.

Fraudulent SIM Boxes are also responsible for a range of service issues including call set up delays, poor voice quality, network congestions and spectrum management issues.

SIM Box fraud can potentially result in Roaming revenue losses of between five and seven percent for network operators.

Bobby Srinivasan, President and CEO of Roamware said: “SIM Box fraud costs the telecom operator community hundreds of millions of dollars in lost termination revenues every year. With SIM Box DetectorT for the first time, operators can now not just detect SIM Box fraud, but on the fly eliminate fraudulent SIM Boxes round the clock.”

Traditional SIM Box fraud identification solutions based on testing through probe based calls across different countries using real SIM’s entails severe limitations.

SIM Box DetectorT is a non-intrusive solution installed in the core network, offering global reach with no limitations on footprint unlike probe based solutions. It utilises a virtual range of SIM’s reducing risk of manipulation by fraudsters.

The solution offers enhanced control on the detection process by providing for completely customisable testing schedules and frequency. Coupled with automatic deactivation of detected fraudulent SIM Boxes, SIM Box DetectorT is the only end to end solution for SIM box fraud management.

Roamware today provides roaming software solutions to over 375 mobile operators in 140 countries, and the company confirmed that they are in discussions with dozens of existing customers to integrate the SIM Box DetectorT into their existing Roamware platforms installed in their networks.

Srinivasan said, “Given the potential of saving millions of dollars for an operator in the current financial climate “, we are seeing tremendous interest from our customers to integrate this next generation revenue protection solution into their existing Roamware platforms. In the current climate, every dollar saved is a dollar earned, and operators understand the value of optimizing revenue and service quality to maximize margins and customer satisfaction.

Roamware’s solution provides an end-to-end scalable framework with global reach to deal with SIM Box fraud, bundled with a wide variety of features including flexibility of centralized installations for large group operators. (ANI)

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