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Munni The New Brand Ambassador Of Zandu Balm

Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika Arora Khan

Finally better sense prevailed on the manufacturers of Zandu Balm, Elder Pharmaceuticals who decided to rope in Malaika Arora Khan as the brand ambassador to promote Zandu Balm. What better endorsement could they have wanted but for a luscious Malaika serenading and sending the message that she indeed is the ultimate panacea for all headaches. Now people would like to have headaches so that they can put Zandu balm and live under the illusion of getting cured by Malaika’s latkas and jhatkas.

But it was not an easy decision that the makers of Zandu balm took. They were dithering for quite a long time, one wonders why? No brand manager or an advertisement copy writer could have come up with this kind of a slogan that a song writer came up with. He could have used the name of any other brand, but there was a specific reason for using Zandu. Zandu in popular lingo in the eastern part of the country is used to connote panacea for all ills, and it was incidental that a brand of such name existed. Zandu as a nomenclature pops too frequently in the conversations of people in UP and Bihar and to a certain extent in UP as well, and it is one area which still has to be discovered from marketing potential and what better way to push the brand in the form of Malaika. Now the rivals would be left to scratch their heads how to counter this brand positioning that Zandu has got thanks to Dabangg. They really would have to pull a bunny out of the bag, and it would be a herculean task.

Zandu balm brings to mind the brand positioning that Britannia had adapted for its Tiger brand of biscuits. When the character of Gabbar Singh had become popular it was decided to push Tiger brand of biscuits as his choice and the brand’s outreach expanded like wild fire. Such phenomenon did not exist for a brand till the advent of Munni Badnam Hui.

One has to accept the fact that there is no better platform than a film to push a brand and one only hopes that it would see better days for song writers, as the company may demand more songs featuring brand names in them, in a surreptitious manner. More the merrier. At least song writers would get a new recognition.

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