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Inflation rate up to 0.61 percent

New Delhi, May 21 (ANI): The rate of inflation in India for the week ended May 9 rose marginally to 0.61 percent, from 0.48 percent a week earlier, a government data showed on Thursday.

The annual rate of inflation had been rising for four consecutive reporting dates since the week ended April 4 when it was at 0.18 percent and touched 0.7 percent for the week ended April 26, before falling to 0.48 percent for the period ended May 2.

During the week, prices of tea, fruits, vegetables and spices rose by 0.5 percent during the week and that for manufactured products was up 0.1 percent, while the index for fuels remained unchanged.

The prices of urad, barley and maize declined during the week. The sub-index for non-food articles rose 0.4 percent as raw cotton, raw silk and oil seeds became dearer, while prices fell for raw rubber. (ANI)

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