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Deloitte’s Charu Sehgal recognized as one of the top 20 women achievers in healthcare

New Delhi, Apr 23 (ANI/Business Wire India): Modern Medicare, a leading magazine on healthcare business news, has felicitated Charu Sehgal, Senior Director, Strategy and Operations Division and Head, Healthcare Vertical, Deloitte India, as one of the top 20 women achievers of the Indian healthcare industry.

This recognition is bestowed on women professionals who have made a significant, positive contribution to the development of the healthcare sector in India.

Charu, with an experience of 20 years in management consulting is one of the few women who have made it to the top in the field of consulting.

In addition to working on strategic engagements for a large number of Indian and multinational clients in the healthcare sector, she has worked extensively and closely with health departments of the central and several state governments.

“I feel honoured and encouraged by this recognition. While women have come a long way in making their mark in every field, including healthcare, there are still very few women in senior positions. This is largely due to the fact that many opt out due to the constraints they face in handling high pressure jobs along with the role society expects of them as mothers. I feel, that in case the true potential of the female workforce is to be unleashed, employers need to view any legitimate support provided to the women employees in their role of bearing and rearing children, not as a favour to the woman, nor as a limitation of hiring them but as a responsibility towards society and future generations,” said Charu.

“Healthcare in India is at a point where, on the one hand there is growing global recognition for Indian competence in the healthcare arena, and on the other , there is a huge unmet demand for healthcare services from a large section of the population in rural India. We need to find innovative solutions that make quality healthcare available not just to the urban rich and medical tourists, but to every Indian”, added Charu. (ANI)

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