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Advertising Industry

Advertising Industry

Advertising Industry

Advertising Industry is a rapidly growing industry. The advertising industry besides functioning as an intermediate between the manufacturers and the customers plays an important role in the economy of the country. Movies, Internet, Print Media, broadcasting constitute 0.99% in approximately 57 countries in terms of economic growth worldwide. This ratio was found to be unaltered in the years 2005 through 2006.

According to a recent study on the media consumption habits, despite the Internet’s steady rise in popularity over the last few years, television remains the dominant medium in all Indian households. On average, the general population spends over four and a half hours a day in front of the tube, is it any wonder then that television advertising is also the most powerful form of advertising?

Advertising on television allows you to show and tell a wide audience your business, product, or service. It allows you to actually demonstrate the benefits of ownership. You can show how your product or service works and how it’s packaged so prospective customers will know what to look for at the point of sale.

Producing the ad, which can include hiring script writers, actors, film editors, or an advertising agency, is only the first step. You must also pay for air time, and because studies have shown that TV ads are most effective with repetition, you’ll almost certainly want to run your piece a number of times. Because of this, most television stations structure their pricing to make it more attractive for you to purchase advertising in chunks. Health related advertisements have to be granted extreme caution. Any small mistake may turn into a felony. Providing complete and correct information is crucial.

It can also be difficult to effectively target your core audience with television advertising. However, proper experience and creativity can take an organization or products to great heights.

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