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Aamir Khan In The New Motorcycle AD

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

It seems that somebody up there has read what this columnist had written about the indulgence of parents in rewarding their children with motorcycles and scooters and then lamenting when they meet with an accident, primarily because the child is not legally entitled to drive, as for the first time a motorcycle advertisement has been released which talks about driving the motorbike in a sane manner. Who else but Aamir Khan should have taken the lead to induce this sense of safety among the citizens, more so the parents of the country. The motorbike under question is the new initiative by Mahindra Autos who after successfully launching a scooter have come out with a motorbike.

The copy of the advertisement needs to be appreciated as it talks about using motorcycle for commuting in a safe manner and not for doing stunts on the roads, as this is not what the motorcycle was made for. That purpose for the motorcycle is applicable when it is run on the racing tracks; the roads ought not to be made the racing tracks at all.

Motor cycle advertisements in the country has been positioning themselves in the country based on inducement of the rush of adrenalin, i.e. as soon as the command comes into the hand of the individual he should let go berserk. The stunts that are performed on the screen may come with the tag line that they have been done by experts and need not be copied, but it is a small tagline, and hardly anyone takes any notice about it. As a matter of fact those kids out on the road are more interested in copying those stunts on the roads rather than enjoying it on the idiot box. May be it is precisely for this reason that Aamir Khan decided to step into this arena.

it is a smart move on his part, as he further accentuates the image that he has built for himself of being a conscientious citizen who works for the causes, and what better cause than deterring the youth of the country not to go berserk while driving motorbikes. Even if ten percent of the parents heed to Aamir Khan’s campaign the purpose of the campaign would be served. One only hopes that Aamir would also not allow his son Junaid to indulge in motor bike racing but would by him the same Mahindra bike.

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