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30 firms named into’s list of best PPC companies in India

Plymouth, June 8 (ANI/Business Wire India): The independent authority on search,, released their list of the 30 best pay per click companies in India for June. The topseos team examined hundreds of firms to end up with the most effective and efficient pay per click firms in India today.

topseos has compiled a list of firms that can deliver when it comes to pay per click marketing.

Pay per click marketing is a marketing strategy used to drive traffic to a website. With pay per click management, an advertiser only pays for every click on their advertisement. Each ad is displayed based on specified key word used in search engines.

The ads are displayed in websites like blogs, search engines, content sites and others.

Since the advertisements are displayed based on key word searches, the increased traffic received would be targeted toward your specific demographic, increasing the chance for a closed sale. Increased traffic can lead to an increase in revenue for you and your site.

The top 30 Indian firms in this month’s list are Decatrend Technologies, Rank Uno get searched, Submit Shop, Digital World Solutions, XONIK Technologies PVT LTD, Cogniter Technologies, Maximum Hit, SEO Power Inc, Communicate 2, Value Pitch Interactive, Pinstorm, REGALIX Inc., Position2, Inc., Sortins Technologies, Performetris, SubmitElite, TLI Software Pvt. Ltd., Hyphen Technologies, Radixweb, SEORank, SEO Trends, Rightway Solution, 909Marketing, Bitscape, Netcatalysts, ProfitBySearch, Kneoteric eSolutions, ISHIR INFOTECH, Midas Web Technologies and Convonix Inc.

To be included in this list, each of the companies had to go through an extensive evaluation process. topseos examined each company for their depth of knowledge, commitment to results and finally overall client satisfaction.

They asked clients of these companies key questions which include “How is your PPC campaign monitored actively and how are the bid adjustments made?”, and “What type of a ROI was anticipated, what was achieved and in what time frame?” (ANI)

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