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I am a second year Journalism student from Delhi University. I am passionate about current affairs and love to read newspapers and magazines to keep myself updated with the world affairs. My latest interest is in the field of developmental and rural reporting. I only write about issues which are close to my heart and genuinely feel about them. I am a sports – enthusiast and a cricket crazy person plus I am volunteering for CWG 2010. As a person I am extremely positive and believe in “Never doubt that that a handful of committed and thoughtful citizens can change the world”.

Social Networking Sites: Connecting Bonds

What’s common between your best school friend, your cousin and your college roommate or may be some of your relatives – it’s your very own social networking sites which help us to stay connected with our loved ones and cherish ... Read More »

In The Name Of Culture

India has always been known for its’  plurality in culture, religion, ethnicity and thought and the co-existence between all of them in peaceful environment makes India what it is today. But some forces over the years have tried to portray ... Read More »

Advertising For A Cause

Gone are the days when advertisers used young and charming female models or Bollywood celebrities to sell most products, but there is a new and emerging trend amongst advertisers to raise social causes in the advertisements to appeal their aware ... Read More »

Urgently Required: Food Security Bill

While double digit hike in food prices over the last one year has become one of the most debated and discussed issue in most middle – class households the worst affected from this phenomenon are the poor people living below ... Read More »

Paid News: A dangerous phenomenon

When we revisit the glorious past of Indian Press, it courageously fought the British in the pre-independence times disseminating the ideas of liberty and freedom, helped to restore the basic freedom of expression during the emergency and then struggled against ... Read More »

Towards a heavier tomorrow

While Bollywood sets the trend for size zero figure and six pack abs, the country is following the extreme opposite path where the current National Family Health Survey indicates that more than 20 percent of urban Indians are overweight or ... Read More »