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I call myself a passionate freelance writer with extensive experience across areas of journalism – online and print. I have been awarded many times for my literary works. Started writing at the age of 13 in school and never stopped it. I've translated some of the famous works of well-known Hindi literary personalities into English. I have to my credit various accolades including the winner of the title of Ms. Intellectual (twice) of Super Brain Super Youth India contest conducted annually by ‘Competition Success Review’ magazine. I am a well known essayist writing for competitive magazines and portals of competitive examinations. Born, bred, brought up and educated in New Delhi and Hyderabad. Prefers reading all kinds of literature and hobbies include watching movies to listening to ghazals.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer stimulated environment with which a person can interact almost as if it was a part of the real world. Virtual reality while still extremely new has become the topic of many opposing viewpoints. It has ... Read More »

Caste System In India

The Indian constitution does not recognize the caste system. It treats every human as equal. However it does not recognize the fact that there are some sections of the society who have been oppressed for a long time. They need ... Read More »

Ozone Depletion

Without our atmosphere there would be no life on the earth. A relatively thin envelope, the atmosphere consists of layers of gases that support life and provide protection from harmful radiation. Ozone is the part of the stratosphere in which ... Read More »

Joys Of Friendship

Man is a social animal, this phrase sounds too clichéd. But try to look a little deeper and you will find a world of interesting aspects. This is because it is one thing to live. The day you entered this ... Read More »

Women’s Reservation Bill

The reservation had been made part of Indian constitution by the framers of our constitution to improve the conditions of the underprivileged section, depressed class and minority. It is on the premises, women groups are demanding for the reservation of ... Read More »

Uses Of A Public Library

A public library is an institution which maintains a large collection of books, newspapers and magazines for the use of general public. Thus, a library is a rich treasure house of knowledge. A little leisure spent in it, profits us ... Read More »

The New Political Culture In India

India is perhaps the only nation that attained freedom after World War II and has not fallen a prey so far to military rule or dictatorship. This is so because our founding fathers were imbued with a spirit of liberal ... Read More »

Freedom Of Press

By press mean all the media of mass communication. Free press usually means the right to press, a right to confidentiality of sources, and right to access. There is also a statutory right to know which was created by the ... Read More »

Animal Rights

There is nothing in this world to prove that man is the most superior being of the world. And it ought to receive more respect than animals. The other animals are also creations of god and they should be treated ... Read More »

Malnutrition – The Silent Killer

Deaths of many children on the account of severe malnutrition in the interior pockets of our country in the recent times has once again reminded us as to where we have gone wrong in laying priorities. Nobody can accept an ... Read More »

Positive Attitude

A positive mental attitude results from a life dedicated to self-improvement and service. With a personal commitment to doing our best today, we don’t have to be so much concerned about tomorrow. We can be confident that good things will ... Read More »

Co-education In India

Co-education stands for the system in which boys and girls receive education jointly. The basic premise behind this system is that men and women have to spend their lives in each other’s company. So, it is better to give the ... Read More »

India – A Place Of Great Interest

India has seen many eras blooming on her soil. Each era has left its indelible lifestyle, thinking, languages, tastes and the whole culture. From Harappas to Maurya, Guptas to Sultans and Mughals to the English, India saw a metamorphosis in ... Read More »

Importance Of Newspapers

We live in a global world. Many boundaries have broken due to vast political, economic and social change. Nations of the world are more closely connected now than ever before. Increased interaction and communication between people of different nations has ... Read More »

Conserving Our Wildlife Heritage

One cannot be truly human and civilised unless one looks upon not only fellowmen but all creation with the eyes of a friend, it is sad that in country after country, progress should become synonymous with an assault on the ... Read More »