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What is The Roar About?

The Roar is an e-magazine for the youth. It has a lot of information about various topics like Business, world news, India news, technology, education, travel, lifestyle and relationships and so on. It gives a wide base of readers a very good source of some good pieces of news and information about all these topics.

It is also thus, a wonderful platform for people who have something to say about the latest happenings in these topics. You may have an opinion about Space, or about the current status of people in relationships. You can express it all here. And what is more, you get paid too! You can also publish other kids of content here. It could be blogs, articles, videos, images and so on. You could freelance here for us, and at the same time, be free to pursue your education or daily jobs.

How you can benefit?

If you are a budding writer and want to test your own skills, then The Roar is an excellent platform for you. We will be able to help you with our expertise in online marketing to leverage your work across the world. So, if you have the talent and the information, The Roar gives you the audience you need. We have links on various websites as well, which can help you leverage yourself further. Thus, it is the best place for budding writers to start their journey.

The Roar has a very wide base of readers It also has feeds from various sources, including a Delhi based news agency called ANI. It reaches out to people from various parts of India, and the world. You can increase the readership of your work through The Roar. You can also market yourself, and gain the status of a published writer. This is something that is generally very difficult to get.

Content management by The Roar

When you submit your work to us, we use our highly developed and huge network to give your content a reach to the widest base of viewers. We have a huge network that will read and assess your work, and give you the fan base that you desire. You don’t have to worry about the marketing part – we take care of this for you. All you need to do is submit your work in a clear and concise form.

Thus, The Roar is a magazine which is for the youth and by the youth. It celebrates the various aspects of life that revolve around people’s worlds, and gives you a plethora of information. You can get your work published here, and get your friends and family to read these articles. These will also be viewed by people from other parts of India. If people like your work, they will put in their comments, and give you some valuable feedback.

Join us

Thus, if you have anything to say, or have some strong opinions on any subject, The Roar gives you an excellent opportunity to do so. It also gives you some valuable tools with which you can improve your work. You can make changes, add pictures and links, and also monitor the comments. This gives you an opportunity to block out spam, and keep only the comments that are valuable visible to people. In this way, you can increase your online presence. Within just a span of few weeks, you can transform from being a dairy writer into a fully fledged published author.

If you would like to use this opportunity, you can send us a sample of your work. We offer you a very competitive pay, based on a per article basis. You will get paid every 4 weeks, and so you will be able to get the returns for your hard work very soon. As long as your content is unique and thought provoking, we will ensure that you get the rewards and recognition that you deserve. Come, be a part of the change. Come, be a part of ‘The Roar’.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today as columnist – and watch your viewership grow!

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