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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Advertising Industry

Advertising Industry is a rapidly growing industry. The advertising industry besides functioning as an intermediate between the manufacturers and the customers plays an important role in the economy of the country. Movies, Internet, Print Media, broadcasting constitute 0.99% in approximately ... Read More »

The African Union

The African Union is an international organization consisting of 53 African States. The only African state not in the AU is Morocco. The AU was formed as a successor to the Organization of African Union (OAU).  The goal of the ... Read More »

Save The Antarctic

It must be little more than one hundred years since humans first set foot on Antarctica and even today few people have visited the frozen and hostile southern continent. Although nine countries have territorial claims on the continent, several of them ... Read More »

Be Cautious On Social Networking Sites!

Nowadays people are getting addicted of using social networking sites like anything. Especially youths enjoy the most to spend their leisure hours on social sites. With increasing craze of social networking site the chances are more and more that you ... Read More »

The Background Of Ragging

A lot of stress has been given and in fact substantial efforts have also been taken to curb the savage phenomenon of ragging in all educational campuses of India. Basically the word “ragging” has been used in different parts of ... Read More »

Can’t We Think Beyond Caste?

The central government has already given its nod for caste based census after a very long time in 1931. At one hand we talk of equality irrespective of caste, creed, religion and community .campaigns to eradicate the feeling of caste ... Read More »

The Silver Screen – A Dangerous Medium

The silver screen seems to have taken up on them to cleanse our society of all social evils, which in my opinion is absurd, shedding more light on such issues is in way helping any of the causes for as ... Read More »

New Movie Comes To A Sticky Wicket

The director of a new British-Hindi movie was stumped this week after its storyline about cricket match fixing played out on the world stage – for real. Assad Raja was ”totally baffled” by the comparisons between the Pakistan betting scandal ... Read More »

Facebook Overtakes Google

Facebook has emerged as the website that has the largest user base for any website, a feat that was the preserve of Google, and now Facebook has warmed up to this position. It also is an indicator about the fact ... Read More »

Why Mumbai Is The Most Cosmopolitan City?

On 9-11 Mumbai was probably the only city in India that celebrated four different cities of four communities, viz., Ganesh Chaturthi, Mahavir Jayanti, Eid and Bandra Mount Mary Fair. It would be the only city in India where people from ... Read More »