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Monthly Archives: July 2010

MBA Degree – Not An Easy One

Our country is very different from most developed countries. Here, as soon as students step out of graduation, they leap into an MBA (or some other post graduation course, but we are not talking about those here). Their counterparts from ... Read More »

Married People And Their Dark Secrets

Marriage is supposed to be one of the most eternal and sacred bonds. When 2 people get married, they commit themselves to a lifetime to togetherness. They vow to be love each other for better or for worse, and to ... Read More »

The Greatest Of Them All – Fear Of Loss

We all have several fears hidden deep inside us. We feel afraid of the future, and of not being able to meet our own expectations. Some people are very afraid of disappointing their parents, partners, friends, etc. Few of us ... Read More »

The Power Of Six Sigma

Manufacturing companies in America were facing heavy competition from the Japanese in the late 70s and 80s. Though their products were good, their costs were high due to high operational costs. This means that the spent too much of money ... Read More »

Depression – How To Fight It

Depression is defined as a state of bad mood or low spirits that causes a person to become almost completely inactive. Depression has many levels. It depends on the individual suffering from it. Sometimes, a preliminary stage in depression could ... Read More »

Measuring Success

All of us want to succeed in life. We want to succeed in our career, at our relationships and in ourselves. The emphasis on success these days is more today than it was before. People are working impossible hours in ... Read More »

Latte Art – Warmth And Beauty

What is the best part about a steaming hot cup of cappuccino? I am sure, that most of the replies will be “the cute picture on top, made with foam and coffee”. That is what latter art is all about. ... Read More »

Anger Management

They move around as if the entire world’s burden rests on their tired shoulders. Their acidic remarks and sarcasm scorch the toughest nut and freeze the coolest dude. They hate everything and everyone. They are constantly grumpy, tired and busy. ... Read More »

The Apple Turns Sour

The much awaited Apple iPhone 4 has disappointed the fans of Apple. The gadget, that promised users various functionalities like multi tasking, appears to be a preliminary prototype of what was originally promised. The model is shoddy, and has many ... Read More »

Madhuri Dixit – The Diva Of Indian Cinema

The current Bollywood stars gain a lot of monetary advantage owing to their marketing prowess. Bollywood, it appears, has finally understood the power of marketing. But the industry is currently at the peak of male dominance. In spite of their ... Read More »

Diplomatic Melodramas

The latest fuss about the Pakistani minister, Mr. Qureshi slamming the talks of the Indian minister in what must have been the millionth diplomatic meet of the two neighbours is very unsettling. It leaves us all wondering – how can ... Read More »

Freedom Of Press

By press mean all the media of mass communication. Free press usually means the right to press, a right to confidentiality of sources, and right to access. There is also a statutory right to know which was created by the ... Read More »

Art Of Detecting The Fake Notes

While the government is trying its level best to control the menace of fake notes, the fake note makers continue to flood the Indian market with one form of fake note or the other. The problem has become more so ... Read More »

Is India Really Welcoming?

India is a beautiful country. Here, we have everything available to us in abundance. The Himalayas protect us from the chilly winds of the north, and we are surrounded by three majestic seas on our sides. We have a beautiful ... Read More »