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Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Burgeoning Craze For Designer Wrist Watches

Watches are fast catching up as the latest style statements and wooing hearts with their funky designs and trendsetting appeal. The craze for investing in chic and ravishing wrist watches is gaining momentum among all circles of population especially among ... Read More »

Sunil Dutt: Actor With Human Touch

25 May was the death anniversary of Sunil Dutt, but neither at the national level or in the state of Punjab tributes were paid to his memory, a man who in his own way soothed the frayed nerves of the ... Read More »

History of Money

One of the key components of modern banking is the introduction of paper money, which emerged in Europe in 17th century, and Sweden was again the first country where it made its debut. Paris followed Sweden in issuing paper currency ... Read More »

The Secret of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, the science of innervating the body senses in a holistic manner, through the antiseptic and antiviral properties of the essential oils, is as ancient as the mankind. It has been in vogue since times immemorial and continues to hold ... Read More »

Virtual Lives for Real Money

Developed countries of the west have always been known for their extremely high levels of mass consumerism. The consumption of an average household in the US was approximately $50000 USD. And this figure increases every year. People of these countries ... Read More »

The Great Tale of Nuclear Energy in India

Nuclear power in India is the 4th largest energy source. Currently, most of the power in India is being generated by thermal (coal) and hydro power plants. There are 19 operational nuclear power plants in India, generating around 4560 MW ... Read More »

Guardian Angels

The latest buzzword in the field of finance is angel investments. Angels are investors, who usually provide financing to start-ups. They also help start-ups fill up other gaps in their businesses. They help them by introducing them to possible partners ... Read More »

The Emerging Trend of Body Tattoos

The popularity of body tattoos is scaling greater heights of popularity with each passing day. Gone are the days when tattoos and body piercings were restricted to the rural population of the country. Nowadays tattoos are considered the in-things in ... Read More »

Indian Readers and a Penchant for Campus Novels

Novel readership in India is on an all-time high in the present times. The circulation of novels is gradually increasing by leaps and bounds across the length and breadth of the country. The major credit of this remarkable inclination towards ... Read More »