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Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Exquisite Aura Of Sarees

The most traditional of Indian outfits, the saree is considered to be the most versatile piece of clothing throughout the world. The first reminiscences of saree hark back to the famous Indus Valley Civilization that flourished around 2800 – 1800 ... Read More »

The Changing Equations Of Saas-Bahu Relationships

The world seems to have come a full circle in relation to the emerging trends in saas-bahu relationships. Gone are the days when mother-in-laws were regarded as brutal bullies who left no stone unturned in making their daughter-in-laws slog to ... Read More »

Youngsters And Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is proving to be a tough nut to crack across the entire world. In the current scenario where the world has become a global village, the implications of this serious problem have already travelled far and wide. The ... Read More »

The Magic Of Colours

How would it be, if there were no colours? The world would not have existed at all –  for there would only be infinite darkness, or nothingness. It amazes one to view and wonder the magic of so many colours ... Read More »

Cambodia Tourism

Cambodia is a beautiful south-east Asian country, which is one of the hottest tourist spots in the world. It has a sad, bloody history, after the demise of the powerful Khmer Empire in the late 15th century. It was plundered ... Read More »

Co-education In India

Co-education stands for the system in which boys and girls receive education jointly. The basic premise behind this system is that men and women have to spend their lives in each other’s company. So, it is better to give the ... Read More »

India – A Place Of Great Interest

India has seen many eras blooming on her soil. Each era has left its indelible lifestyle, thinking, languages, tastes and the whole culture. From Harappas to Maurya, Guptas to Sultans and Mughals to the English, India saw a metamorphosis in ... Read More »

Importance Of Newspapers

We live in a global world. Many boundaries have broken due to vast political, economic and social change. Nations of the world are more closely connected now than ever before. Increased interaction and communication between people of different nations has ... Read More »

Conserving Our Wildlife Heritage

One cannot be truly human and civilised unless one looks upon not only fellowmen but all creation with the eyes of a friend, it is sad that in country after country, progress should become synonymous with an assault on the ... Read More »

World Fever – FIFA

It is indeed the 8th wonder of the world, that an entire nation can be gripped by a fever so severe and so furious – that the people afflicted with it become totally oblivious to the existence of routine, mundane ... Read More »

Mussoorie – The Queen Of Hills

Located in the Garwhal hills, this beautiful hill-station is one of the most popular of its kind in India. It is a “cool” favourite especially among people living in Delhi and Noida, as it is close enough to them for ... Read More »

Harihareshwar – Divine Presence Near The Sea

Long, never-ending, tiring and boring days look up ahead at work, as there are no holidays in the next 2-2.5  months at least. To take a break from the monotonous routine, one may consider this heaven on earth little beach. ... Read More »

Organised Crime – An Ugly Reality

Our honourable PM may be boasting high and low regarding the double digit growth rate of our country. However, it is also true, that the black economy, our country’s alter ego, evil twin and doppelganger is also thriving, and is ... Read More »

The Burgeoning Craze For Nail Art

Catching up with the trendiest of the trends, the latest to win accolades among the Indians is the sensational nail art. Gone are the days, when clean, elegant and properly trimmed nails were ample enough to enhance the tidiness and ... Read More »