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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Remote inauguration

Analogies from history sometime appear farcical when they are imitated in the real world. When Ram’s army was not able to make bridge over Rameshwaram t0 reach Lanka and wage war with Ravana, Ram had told Nal and Neel to ... Read More »

Adding weight to enact a role

Gurinder Chadha’s new film IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, which is going to be released in Hindi as HAI MAR JAWAN has Shabhana Azmi as the lead protagonist in the film. It is for the first time that she would be ... Read More »

Houseful: Language as a metaphor to draw humor

Language and its manifestations have been used from the time immemorial by the world of Hindi cinema and even by cinema makers all over the world to create humorous situations in a film. The manner in which content is crafted ... Read More »

Khap di khap

The Khap Panchyat from districts surrounding Kurukshetra and other parts of Haryana seems to have been slighted by the decision of the Kurukshetra High Court of questioning their authority of awarding death penalties to couples who marry within the gotra. ... Read More »

Magic of Night

It can only be done by Gulzar, and as far as the introduction of new idioms and conventions into the language of love is concerned no one can come near him. He again showed it with such a finesse in ... Read More »

Statues and Right to Education

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has expressed her inability to implement Right to Education in her state citing the lack of funds to initiate the process. On the other hand she is also initiating the process for creating a special ... Read More »

Humble lungi in existential crisis

Saudi Arabia through a dictat has brought the humble lungi, one of the most common sartorial attire in the countryside, as also in South India into an existentialist dilemma. For the laborers who work in Saudi Arabia, after a tiring ... Read More »

Oh Sania

It is understandable; the fans of Sania Mirza going berserk after Sania Mirza announced to the world that she was going to marry ex-captain of Pakistan, Shoaib Malik. Incidence of violence has been reported in parts of Hyderabad and in ... Read More »